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beam, billet, board, boarding, clapboard, coat, coating, collop, cord, cordwood, covering, cut, deal, disk, driftwood, feuille, film, firewood, flap, foil, fold, hardwood, lamella, lamina, laminated glass, laminated wood, lap, lath, lathing, lathwork, leaf, log, lumber, membrane, pane, panel, panelboard, paneling, panelwork, patina, peel, pellicle, plait, plank, planking, plate, plating, ply, plyboard, pole, post, puncheon, rasher, safety glass, scum, shake, sheathing, sheathing board, sheet, sheeting, shingle, sideboard, siding, skin, slab, slat, slice, softwood, splat, stave, stick, stick of wood, stovewood, table, tablet, three-by-four, timber, timbering, timberwork, two-by-four, veneer, wafer, weatherboard, wood

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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  • plywood — noun Date: 1907 a structural material consisting of sheets of wood glued or cemented together with the grains of adjacent layers arranged at right angles or at a wide angle …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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